The most exciting thing about AITA is that it breaks down barriers and brings Adventist IT professional together, irrespective of division, union, conference, church, or employer. This can be a community for all, a place to come together to share experiences, to help each other, and to gain in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and experience. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the site, and see a breakdown of how the site works below.


The AITA website is a collection of information and services that we offer to our community. The main site consists of information pages and posts about ongoing developments within AITA as well as topics of note in our industry. AITA will have blog contributors that will be posting content to our main site, each post will also go to its specific category in the Community and allow for conversations to be started on the topics. Blog posts will be available to the general public but the discussion in the Community section of the site will be for members only.


The Community section refers to the Discourse forums that are made available to members upon registration. This area contains several topics that are free to be posted to by registered members. IT professionals such as yourself are the whole reason that AITA exists – your knowledge, insights, and experience are valuable to the community at large. Please make use of our Community and enrich it with your participation.

Registration and User Profile

Once registration is completed, your AITA profile stub has been created and is ready for you to fill out. Please feel free to add custom cover photos, profile pictures, and additional details. Additionally registration automatically gives you access to our community platform. Once logged in, click the Community link will take you to our Discourse page, where your user details have already been created for you. All sign-on and profile details are handled on the main AITA site and synchronized with the Discourse installation, so no need for multiple accounts.

Thank You and Welcome

Your participation in our site and community means the world to us and to your fellow IT professionals. Thank you very much for your continued support and for taking the time to familiarize yourself with this site.

Welcome to the AITA Community!