Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I’m Interested in becoming an AITA member but what do I get access to as a member?
      • Access to the AITA Community Forums
      • Access to the Member Directory
      • Access to the AITA Job Board
    2.  Is there a fee associated with AITA membership?
      • There are currently no fees associated with the membership. This is an online site membership only and not subject to any fees.
    3.  I’d like to contribute to AITA, how can I do that?
      • Please use our Be an AITA Contributor page and fill out the form there (registered users only).
    4.  I’m not an Adventist, am I still eligible for membership in AITA?
      • Yes! While we are by definition catering to the Seventh-Day Adventist IT professionals, all are welcome.
    5.  Is AITA directly associated with any Seventh-Day Adventist Division, Union, Conference, or Church?
      • Not currently. While the founder of this site is a practicing Seventh-Day Adventist, we are not currently sponsored or owned by any SDA organization.