With new IoT market research predicting fast growth and new initiatives from big-name companies around the world, the Internet of Things keeps on picking up steam.

The internet of things is a network of vulnerabilities. As we’ve seen with past attacks, such as the DynDNS Attack on 10/21/16 the IoT market is not just a boon to companies and manufacturers but to those with malicious intent as well. As these devices continue to increase in number one thing is for certain, it will change the shape and infrastructure of the computer network. In manufacturing these devices are used as sensors throughout the process. They are designed to measure specific objects and alert if necessary. Many of these IoT devices are connected via wireless network connectivity and only use up Kilobits of network bandwidth during their use. The question remains however of how companies will continue to make use of these devices, and how will our networks need to adapt in order to service them.

According to IoT6.eu the future of networking with IoT devices lies in the IPv6 protocol. This makes sense on many levels, none of which is most important except for the scalability factor. Could you image being in an environment where you’ve just purchased a batch of 500 sensors and now need to assign an IP address to each of them. Using traditional IPv4 for this, while possible, just isn’t the best way to go about it. Seeing how there are 2 billion of billions IPv6 addresses per square millimeter of the Earth’s surface, that would be quite scalable indeed. For more information on the case for IPv6 for IoT, see the online article, IPv6 for IoT, where there are 9 points listed to argue the case.

Have you embraced Internet of Things?

Now the all important, application to our AITA community. I’d like to hear from you in our community about how you’re making use of IoT in your environment.

  • Are you using IoT devices in your network?
  • If so, what application are you using them for?
  • Are you designing your network with IoT  in mind?

We want to hear from you, please join the conversation!

Source: IoT market keeps growing, with no end in sight

Network Impact: 125 billion IoT devices by 2030
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