Thank you to a community member, Eric Davis, for sharing this video of Adventist Health Systems’ adoption of Windows 10.

Since the Windows 10 release date on July 29, 2015 adoption by organizations has been less than Microsoft hoped. Since Microsoft went ahead and made the decisions for most consumers to automatically upgrade them to Windows 10, this leaves corporate environments wondering where to go. Inevitability home use and adoption of Microsoft’s latest Windows OS will influence organizational leadership to push for adoption of the new OS. While the enterprise environment has the resources to go forward with early adoption, adding this to the default deployment for the SMB space is easier said than done.

AITA personnel had the opportunity to speak with IT leaders, and System Administrations at the 2017 Spiceworld IT Conference in Austin, TX. The responses from several individuals in SMB organizations were overwhelmingly on the side of staying with Windows 7. The adoption of Windows 10 in an SMB environment comes down to a matter of resources.

  • Is your current fleet of hardware Windows 10 ready?
  • What are your requirements from Windows?
    • Can you stay with Windows 10 Pro, or is Enterprise needed for the features, group policies, branding, etc?
    • Will your Windows Updates need to be delivered on a specific version track?
  • Do you do a phased rollout or big bang?
  • What on earth do you do with the Windows Store and associated apps?
  • Can it be made to work with legacy applications?

The list goes on and on. Unfortunately many smaller shops simply don’t have the time or the resources to make such a drastic change to their daily operations. The fact of the matter is that so far, Windows 10 and their new “modern licensing and OS” are here to stay. Creating an effective rollout plan in your environment is key. Microsoft has made it very clear that they intend to push Windows 10 onto all users, even limiting the use of Windows 7 on newer Kaby lake Intel processors.

So what are you doing?

Windows 10 is here to stay. What are you doing in your environment with Microsoft’s latest OS?

We want to hear your take on it!

  • Have you fully adopted Windows 10 in your environment?
  • How are you handling Microsoft’s new Windows Update cycle?
  • What route have you gone/will you go for deployment?
Featured: Adventist Health System Adopts Windows 10

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